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Wind, rain or sun... something new is always happening at Thorrington.

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We love that groups have a great time when they come to Thorrington, and we love that Thorrington is here to help make memories, so why not keep an eye out for the latest news of what's going on around site, and upcoming dates for your diary...

Fit For A King

Scouting has long had a proud association with the Royal Family, and Thorrington is proud to celebrate the recent coronation of HM King Charles III.

To celebrate this regal occasion Thorrington has recently planted trees that have been gifted to the campsite as part of The Queen's Green Canopy, which is a scheme operated by The National Trust to celebrate the platinum jubilee of our late Queen HM Elizabeth II.

The Queen's Green Canopy was an initiative designed to celebrate the platinum jubilee by creating a living legacy of HM The Queen and to help regenerate woodlands throughout the UK. However following the recent passing of HM The Queen this initiative was then further extended by HM King Charles III.

The awarding of these tree pack's allows us as scouters to pay homage to our Patron HM The Queen as well as ensuring that the very woodland that surrounds Thorrington can be revitalised and kept healthy to ensure that Thorrington Scout Camp remains around for generations to come. We are also pleased to announce that in addition to the tree packs already received we have now been awarded a further 420 saplings to be planted in November 2023, meaning that by 2023 we will have planted a total of 840 tree's, equivalent to almost 4 acres worth of trees.


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