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We get it, some people prefer the warmth, some people prefer the sound of rain on their tent.

Lets take a look at what's on offer...

At Thorrington we have an extensive array of facilities on offer, whether you choose to spend the night in our indoor accommodation or underneath the stars on one of our many campsites.

The site boasts two toilet blocks with showering facilities available for use by all campers, as well as other facilities such as a camp shop, where badges, woggles and souvenirs can be purchased. The history of scouting can be learnt in our Heritage Centre, as well as the history of Thorrington Camp Site.

If you've ever been to Thorrington before you'll remember the sound of camp fire on a Saturday evening, as we get all the campers together for a big sing-song.


"Your mark on nature should be memories and footprints..."

AdobeStock_195284328 [Converted]_edited.png


We understand, sometimes you just want a bit of warmth and walls in your life, and well it certainly doesn't rain inside!

Why not stay in one of our three purpose built buildings, they can cater to varying group sizes of 14 – 50, and if you need more then this just let us know, there could be another building free...

All buildings feature modern amenities such as central heating, large areas to interact as a group and well-appointed kitchens for making that all-important grub ready after a hard day exploring.

If you want to find out a little more about our three buildings, including pricing and layouts, click the button below...


The sound of the birds singing in the morning, the patter of rain at night, the smell of woodsmoke everywhere as the campfire crackles... ahh isn't it easy to fall in love with the countryside?

Good job we've got 13 campsites to choose from! Our campsites allow groups to learn and discover the great outdoors. From basic camping skills to survival camp, there's never been a better time to spend the night under the stars...


Each campsite comes equipped with at least one firebase, and nearby wood stores to feed the fire, and with varying sizes we can accommodate large or small. 


If you'd like to find out a bit more about our campsites and the costs, click the button below...

Need more convincing?

The Map

So you're not quite sure which campsite or building you want, or you don't want to be too far from activities?

That's fine, we thought of that, so why not take a look at our lovely map below to help you decide where's best to stay for your visit. 

NEWMAPArtboard 1_4x.png

The Map

We thought we'd make this handy little map of site for you...

Oh wait, click below for a printable version too!

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