Privacy Policy

Thorrington Scout Camp takes the issue of privacy very seriously and is committed to protecting and respecting our users' privacy online. This Privacy Statement sets out our current data processing practices and should be read in conjunction with our General Data Protection Regulation. 

Information we collect

When you register a Young Person or Adult with Thorrington Scout Camp, we ask for your name, email address and postcode. We also ask for some information relating to the person including date of birth, allergies and disabilities. 

When you book to stay at Thorrington Scout Camp, we ask for your name, telephone number and email address. We may ask for other information specific to your needs for site which may include allergies and disabilities. 


Any personal information provided by you to Thorrington Scout Camp through your registration will only be used for the following purposes by Thorrington Scout Camp: 


  • Keeping & Updating online membership records;  

  • Contacting you in relation to Site activities. We will not send you unnecessary or “spam” e-mail and the bcc field will always be used to protect your email address from other persons 

  • Creating a membership file in written registration form, the Scout Association Compass system. Collecting and holding census data for The Scout Association, including ethnicity, age, disabilities and allergies. 

  • Creating a booking file within a spreadsheet or on the CampMan camp site booking system, to facilitate your stay with us. 

  • You can see our GDPR policy for more detailed information. 

Who we share information with

Any personal information received from you will be retained by us and not sold transferred or otherwise disclosed to any third party, unless such disclosure is required by law of by the Scout Association for member record keeping. 

Some of our web pages may use cookies and other tracking technologies. A “cookie” is a small text file that may be used for example to collect information about web site activity. Tracking technologies may record information such as Internet domain and host names; Internet protocol addresses; browser software and operating system types; dates and times that our site is being accessed. Our use of cookies and other tracking technologies allows us to improve our web site and your web experience. Cookies can be disabled in your web browser settings. 

Your Consent

By registering with Thorrington Scout Camp, you consent to the terms and conditions herein and to TSC’s processing of your personal data for the purposes set out above. You should also read our General Data Protection Policy for further information. You can opt out of emails at any time and any personal information is deleted/destroyed as soon as the Young Person or Adult leaves the TSC. For those booking to stay on site, your details are deleted a year after your stay has passed, or when your account has been settled, whichever comes first. 

This privacy policy statement relates solely to the information provided by you on the registration form and through Compass. This information includes your registration details, any additional information you choose to submit. 

This privacy policy is not intended to, and does not, create any contractual or other legal rights. 


For more information on how the Scout Association processes your data, please visit: 

General Data Protection Regulation

You can obtain further information about data protection laws by visiting the Information Commissioner's website at