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Wind, rain or sun... something new is always happening at Thorrington.

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We love that groups have a great time when they come to Thorrington, and we love that Thorrington is here to help make memories, so why not keep an eye out for the latest news of what's going on around site, and upcoming dates for your diary...

We now recycle!

We are pleased to announce that we now offer a recycling service on site.

As part of scouting we felt that is was important to offer services such as recycling on our site, and by giving you the ability to recycle we hope that we can encourage a wider use of recycling in scouting, and teach young people about the important of recycling.

We've come up with some handy tips to help both adults and young people recycle:

  • Make recycling as easy as possible by making sure that you give your recycling a designated home in each room. You’ll remember to recycle more if you have the option to do it right in front of you.

  • Use bags, boxes or bins to separate your plastic, paper, card, metal and glass items. Make it your weekly goal to try and fill these as full as possible.

  • Label your bags, boxes or bins clearly with ‘plastic’ ‘paper’  ‘card’ ‘metal’ and ‘glass’ so you don’t get your recycling items mixed up. 

  • Remember that you can recycle items from all over your home, not just your kitchen. Lots of bathroom and bedroom items can be recycled too. A few examples are shampoo bottles, cleaning bottles, toilet roll tubes and toothpaste boxes. 

  • Flatten all of your cardboard boxes so that you have extra space for recycling. 

  • As well as cardboard boxes, newspapers, magazines, shoe boxes and the inner tubes of kitchen foil or wrap can be recycled.


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