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Statement 27/05/2021

Dear Local Residents,

It has come to our attention that it has been mentioned on social media that we are seeking to close the footpath that runs throughout our site; We would like to clarify this now, that this is not something we are seeking to do and has no basis to it whatsoever.

We have long recognised and facilitated the use of the footpath through our campsite, and we are happy to continue to do so; and as scouts, we have always as a movement been long time users of footpaths, and our fundamental values are very much about the use of the outdoors and exploration, and therefore can appreciate the exposure to the natural environment and the benefits that footpaths can bring individuals.

With regards to the access to our site, it is worth noting that any changes to the stile that is currently employed alongside our main gate must be consented too by Essex County Council, and we are actively liaising with them in regards to this, but this also has financial ramifications. The ProW’s around Thorrington have also been recently assessed by ECC in 2020-21 and no issues were brought forward regarding this.

However, it is worth noting that we have a right to security regarding our buildings and our duty-bound to ensure the safeguarding of those using our site. In recent months, we have disappointingly seen a spate of vandalism across the site, causing large amounts of damage. Further to this, there has also been a significant incidence of individuals deviating away from the footpath and trespassing onto private land, and therefore, we would like to politely ask individuals to ensure that they adhere to the footpath.

This recent damage must be rectified before we can open again to groups to ensure their safety and this obviously comes at a financial cost to Thorrington, which during the pandemic, like many other charities, has seen our finances suffer, but this does not mean we are seeking ANY closures whatsoever.

We have always had a strong relationship with the Thorrington community and the wider borough and appreciate the enjoyment that the beauty of Thorrington has brought to others.

We do not want, nor will we be seeking, any form of footpath closure.

Kind Regards,

Bob Candler

Chairman of Thorrington Scout Camp


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