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Wind, rain or sun... something new is always happening at Thorrington.

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We love that groups have a great time when they come to Thorrington, and we love that Thorrington is here to help make memories, so why not keep an eye out for the latest news of what's going on around site, and upcoming dates for your diary...

Ideas for Camp: Survival Weekend

Live life in the wilderness on your next camp...

Survival weekends tests your wit and skill by completing tasks with little or no equipment.

Many things go into making a survival weekend so we've made a handy cheat sheet to help you with ideas for a Survival Camp.

1. Build your overnight accommodation

Tents won't do on this camp, build your accommodation out of the bare basics, pick a safe

(always look up for danger!) well sheltered area between two trees avoiding low ground and clear the area around your location.

Next step is work out the direction of the wind, or you'll get chilly overnight. Now that you've got this worked out you can start to build your shelter. By using a tarp stretched between two trees you'll protect yourself from the wind and rain also don't forget to lay a ground sheet!

2. Time to get warm

It's important you stay warm overnight and during the day, not to mention you'll need a fire to cook on so make sure you get a fire started and forage plenty of fuel to keep the fire going but remember you won't want damp or wet wood!

Now you've got your fire going it's important to keep it well looked after as you don't want it to go out, but you don't want to burn all the wood to quickly.

3. Pick something easy to eat

You don't want to overcomplicate your meal, remember you've only got basic equipment so you can only cook basic meals.

Ration packs make for great survival camp food as you only need to boil water, the meals are premade and give you just what you need to complete the camp.

4. Waters important!

It's important to stay hydrated, if the weather's warm you can get dehydrated very quickly and start to feel unwell.

Even if the weather isn't warm it's still important as a dehydrated body often leads to being tired and you can quickly feel unwell.

5. Keep yourselves entertained

It can be great fun on a survival weekend to play some wide games, such as man-hunt.

If your all feeling a bit tired a wide game can be important to keep you busy and wake you up.


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